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Dewatering of industrial wastewater

Treatment of produced water: potential application of forward osmosis

Produced water represents an ever increasing wastewater challenge Produced water (PW) - co-produced during oil and gas exploitation - is one of the largest sources of oily wastewaters. PW contains dispersed oils,...
Commercialization drivers in the water treatment market

Perspectives on Commercialization of Forward Osmosis Technologies

The "low-energy technology" brand of forward osmosis Forward osmosis emerges with a brand of “low-energy technology”. This brand is indeed justified when merely considering the forward osmosis (FO) process and excluding the...

Integrating forward osmosis in thermal desalination processes

Forward osmosis can reduce scaling and increase top brine temperature in thermal desalination (Multi-stage flash distillation, MSF) processes In their article "Viability of integrating forward osmosis (FO) as pretreatment for existing MSF...