ForwardOsmosisTech believes forward osmosis membrane based systems for industrial water treatment have the potential to significantly reduce water treatment costs.

However, to this day the commercial success of forward osmosis systems has been limited.

The aim of this portal is to speed-up the commercialization of water treatment systems utilizing forward membrane technologies through knowledge-based demystification.

More specifically, ForwardOsmosisTech’s vision is:

To become the leading independent branch specific portal in the FO field with a clear commercial  & application driven focus and a strong passion for promoting and facilitating open innovation, collaborations, partnerships and co-developments.

You can read more about ForwardOsmosisTech’s strategy and code of conduct in our article: “The Future strategy of ForwardOsmosisTech”

Please feel free to drop us an email about anything relating to this site or the FO field in general

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