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Ederna specializes in producing high-quality natural ingredients via their proprietary low-energy evapEOs® technology. In March 2020, the Netherlands-based instant coffee specialist, TB Brown Group, acquired Ederna in a bid to accelerate commercial development of the evapEOs® technology in coffee applications.

Head office

34 Rue de Solférino, 31500 Toulouse, France

forward osmosis activities

Ederna’s evapEOs® technology for cold concentration of Food & Beverage ingredients utilizes both reverse osmosis and forward osmosis processes. In addition, the company has developed a patented forward osmosis draw solution for Food & Beverage applications.
Ederna has demonstrated that their cold concentration technology ensures total preservation of concentrates (e.g. coffee, bergamot juice, strawberry juice, melon juice, passion fruit juice, and sour cherry juice) up to 60°Brix as opposed to traditional evaporation technologies where the elevated temperature results in degradation of aromas, flavors, and other thermo-labile components. In addition, the evapEOs® technology 5x less energy-consuming than single-effect evaporator and 10x less energy-consuming than spray-drying.

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