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Draw solutions and their recovery methods for dairy and food industries – a brief overview

Introduction Currently, Forward Osmosis (FO) is well suited for applications in which water needs to [...]

Forward osmosis video tutorial

Breaking the ice with a forward osmosis video tutorial Forward Osmosis technology is still a [...]

Forward osmosis draw solutions and draw solution recovery methods

Draw solutions and draw solution recovery methods are key to unlocking the business potential of [...]

S-parameter calculations yield negative values – what to do?

What to do when structural parameter equations yield negative S-values? We recently received this question [...]


Water filtration by forward and reverse osmosis explained in 4 paragraphs

The shortest possible explanation of water filtration, forward osmosis, and reverse osmosis – here’s our [...]


BBC Horizons: forward osmosis for industrial wastewater treatment

The concept of using forward osmosis for industrial wastewater treatment was recently covered in a [...]

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Inquiry: draw and feed circulation paths in FO modules

How do draw and feed streams circulate in an FO module? Most of us who [...]

New calculator for estimating structural parameters (S-values)

The structural parameter (S-value) of a forward osmosis membrane determines how severely the membrane is [...]

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ForwardOsmosisTech’s guide to measuring FO membrane performance

ForwardOsmosisTech has made an extensive guide on how to determine FO membrane performance in a [...]

ForwardOsmosisTech is proud to play a small role in the making of a Science Fiction novel

What part of a forward osmosis system would be most vulnerable to sabotage? Confused? Fear [...]