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Aquaporin is a global water-tech company based in Denmark dedicated to solving water scarcity. The companies uses aquaporins – the super water purifiers found in every living cell – to purify water on a large scale through advanced water membrane technologies

Aquaporin Denmark

Aquaporin A/S, Nymøllevej 78
Kongens Lyngby

Aquaporin Asia

1 Cleantech Loop, #02-14
Cleantech One
Singapore 637141

Phone: +65 6268 6343
GST Reg. No : 201102156D

Forward osmosis activities

Aquaporin develops and commercializes Aquaporin Inside® hollow fiber forward osmosis (FO) biomimetic membranes using natural aquaporins to improve water reuse and concentration processes. Aquaporin Inside® FO modules provide the highest selectivity and retain difficult to treat contaminants to reuse more water with better quality and use less chemicals. The membranes can concentrate natural compounds in liquids without heat or pressure, preserving nutritional and natural quality.

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Products and services


  • Hollow fiber forward osmosis module
  • Suitable for academia and application development
  • Fiber ID 0.2mm
  • 0.6m2 membrane area
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  • Hollow fiber forward osmosis module
  • Suitable for application development and pilot trials
  • Fiber ID 0.2mm
  • 2.3 m2 membrane area
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  • Hollow fiber forward osmosis module
  • Suitable for large-scale industrial applications
  • Fiber ID 0.2mm
  • 13.8m2 membrane area
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