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Aromatec Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that has developed hollow fibre membranes for forward osmosis applications. Aromatec’s membrane technology enjoys high water flux with low reverse salt flux, which makes it suitable to be used in a wide range of industries including Food & Beverage, Flavour & Fragrance, and Pharmaceutical. The novel membrane technology was developed at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, by Professor Wang Rong, a leading expert on membrane science.

head office

Aromatec Pte Ltd
421 Tagore Industrial Avenue #02‐22 Tagore 8 (Upper Deck) Singapore 787805 Tel +65 6265 2504

forward osmosis activities

Aromatec’s solution has attracted attention from several customers in the flavour and fragrance industry and oil and gas industry. Aromatec has designed and delivered forward osmosis systems for use in the concentration of coffee and has also sold its products for use in the treatment of wastewater from oil and gas refining.

Aromatec’s technology has also been validated for many other beverages such as milk, fruit juice and tea.

Aromatec’s membrane modules are manufactured in Singapore and are currently available in 2-inch and 4-inch configurations with capacities of 6 and 30 liters /hour respectively (under specific FO operation conditions). The company also offers customized equipment/systems at various capacity with a wide range from bench- top testing rigs to modularized industrial systems.


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