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SideStroem Water Technologies and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) collaborate to develop nanofiltration-type forward osmosis (NF-FO) membranes

The research collaboration enables SideStroem to leverage SIT’s strengths in membrane development. Singapore-based SideStroem Water [...]

An overview of leading commercial and academic FO players

The Forward Osmosis Ecosystem As part of ForwardOsmosisTech’s promotion of widespread commercial forward osmosis adoption, [...]

Entering the slope of enlightenment – FO as a means of continuously removing ethanol from fermentation liquids

The forward osmosis membrane hype Jeffrey R. McCutcheon recently published the article “Avoiding the Hype [...]

Input needed: feasibility study on using Capacitive Deionization (CDI) coupled with Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) as an alternative to Reverse Osmosis

Costing for Forward Osmosis membranes We recently received an inquiry from Young Woo Kim from [...]


Forward osmosis should be considered a fouling resilient technology instead of a low-fouling technology

On August 23rd 2018, Siddiqui and co-workers – including renowned Anthony G. Fane, published the [...]

Draw solutions and their recovery methods for dairy and food industries – a brief overview

Introduction Currently, Forward Osmosis (FO) is well suited for applications in which water needs to [...]

Input needed for desk-top study on 6 GL/year FO desalination plant

Engineering students looking for information to help design a full-scale FO-based desalination plant using ammonium [...]

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S-parameter calculations yield negative values – what to do?

What to do when structural parameter equations yield negative S-values? We recently received this question [...]


Investigating Fertilizer Drawn Forward Osmosis Process for Groundwater Desalination for Irrigation in Egypt

FDFO for groundwater desalination Groundwater desalination could be a possible solution to Egypt’s scarcity problem [...]

Efficiency of forward osmosis desalination by McGovern et. al. 2014

Article suggesting that forward osmosis is not energy efficient compared to reverse osmosis gains social [...]