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Aromatec is poised to disrupt traditional concentration processes with a novel hollow fibre FO membrane

Five-fold reduction in energy usage when compared with commonly found alternatives In industries such as [...]

Successful pilot of Fluid Technology Solutions’ OsmoBC™ process for treatment of desulfurization wastewater

A team from Tiangong University demonstrated pilot-scale economic viability and technical feasibility of a forward [...]

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Q & A with FO system supplier – Darco Water Technologies

During 2018 an increasing number of commercial players have entered the FO market. According to [...]

Forward osmosis draw solutions and draw solution recovery methods

Draw solutions and draw solution recovery methods are key to unlocking the business potential of [...]

According to Osmosis Energy UK, Pressure Retarded Osmosis using hollow fibers is now a viable means of energy production

UK-based company Osmosis Energy UK reports on recent commercial progress within the field of Pressure [...]

FO systems are now one step closer to mass adoption

An industrial size FO-based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system is now operational in the Changxing [...]

Forward osmosis systems for nitrate removal

Industrial request for forward osmosis based nitrate removal in desalination ForwardOsmosisTech recently received a request [...]

FO commercialization: Oasys Water speeds ahead while Modern Water repositions

Oasys Water to double revenue in 2015 – from 10 to 20 million USD In [...]

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How forward osmosis can help cut energy usage in industrial water treatment processes

The main challenge with today’s water treatment technologies Today’s water treatment technologies are effective but [...]

Forward osmosis system design

An introduction to forward osmosis system design In any given real life application, forward osmosis [...]