Successful pilot of Fluid Technology Solutions’ OsmoBC™ process for treatment of desulfurization wastewater

Water treatment systems from fluid technology solutions

A team from Tiangong University demonstrated pilot-scale economic viability and technical feasibility of a forward osmosis process to treat desulfurization wastewater

The team from 1State Key Laboratory of Separation Membranes and Membrane Processes, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tiangong University, Tianjin, designed a forward osmosis pilot system based on the OsmoBC™ process from Fluid Technology Solutions.

The system consisted of an FO-stage with twelve (12) 8″ forward osmosis 8040 elements and a draw solution recovery stage utilizing a high brine concentrator process consisting of 36 high salt 8″ reverse osmosis 8040 elements.

With a treatment capacity of 600 – 1000 liters per hour, the pilot system demonstrated operational stability over 15 days and consistently achieved a feed stream concentration factor of 4-8 while maintaining 96-99% TDS removal in the produced water. The produced water was suitable for discharge into natural water bodies or to be used for industrial water and farmland irrigation.

Additional findings by the research team include:

  • Operational costs ranged from 21.77 RMB/ton (3.36 USD/ton) to 25 RMB/ton (3.85 USD/ton), which was deemed economically viable.
  • The combined FO/RO system did not require complex pre-treatment technologies and demonstrated operational stability towards the complex and fluctuating quality of the desulfurized wastewater.

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