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Toyobo Group is a Japanese multinational conglomerate with a broad product portfolio spanning films & functional polymers, industrial materials, healthcare, and textiles. Toyobo’s membrane business is founded on 30 years of experience producing compact hollow fiber membrane elements based on cellulose triacetate. Besides high pressure desalination of seawater, Toyobo’s membranes are used in a wide range of segments including food & beverage, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and process water.

Forward osmosis activities

Toyobo’s industrial size hollow fiber forward osmosis elements are based on individual cellulose triacetate fibers with a wall thickness of 40┬Ám. The hollow fiber configuration allows for uniform water flow with minimum pressure loss as well as high surface area with increased fouling resistance. Toyobo’s FO technology is used on a industrial scale for both desalination of seawater and osmotic power production.

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