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SideStroem Water Technologies uses novel FO membrane technologies to reinvent resource recovery and enable productivity gains

About SideStroem Water Technologies   SideStroem Water Technologies is a Singapore-based start-up founded with the [...]

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Aromatec is poised to disrupt traditional concentration processes with a novel hollow fibre FO membrane

Five-fold reduction in energy usage when compared with commonly found alternatives In industries such as [...]

Forward osmosis market opportunities within MedTech – enabling higher quality of life for hemodialysis patients and a more sustainable treatment

What is hemodialysis? The human kidneys carry out a range of life essential functions: Excretion [...]

0.26MGD FO-SWRO Hybrid for seawater desalination achieves 25% energy reduction compared to MF/SWRO

The Korean Forward and Reverse Osmosis Hybrid Desalination Research Center (FOHC) and Hyorim Industries launch [...]

Improved Resource Recovery from Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Processes Using Novel Forward Osmosis (FO) Membranes

ForwardOsmosisTech featured in Smart Water & Waste World’s August 2019 issue The latest issue of [...]

Forward Water Technologies’ thermolytic FO draw solution moves into industrial scale piloting

According to a recent article published by Chemical Institute of Canada, forward osmosis draw solution [...]

NF-type FO membranes can potentially improve the commercial relevance of FO-based water treatment

Could an FO membrane be designed to extract both water and selected solutes from wastewater [...]

Entering the slope of enlightenment – FO as a means of continuously removing ethanol from fermentation liquids

The forward osmosis membrane hype Jeffrey R. McCutcheon recently published the article “Avoiding the Hype [...]

Forward osmosis video tutorial

Breaking the ice with a forward osmosis video tutorial Forward Osmosis technology is still a [...]

The future of forward osmosis commercialization

Short Introduction to the author Zoheir Dabaghian earned his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering in [...]