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Aromatec is poised to disrupt traditional concentration processes with a novel hollow fibre FO membrane

Five-fold reduction in energy usage when compared with commonly found alternatives In industries such as [...]

Inquiry about commercially available PRO membranes

Sourcing of commercially available Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) membranes for research purposes? Recently, we received [...]


New calculator for estimating structural parameters (S-values)

The structural parameter (S-value) of a forward osmosis membrane determines how severely the membrane is [...]

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ForwardOsmosisTech’s guide to measuring FO membrane performance

ForwardOsmosisTech has made an extensive guide on how to determine FO membrane performance in a [...]

Inquiry: Annual production volume of FO membranes

What is the annual production – and sales – volume of FO membranes inside and [...]