forward osmosis spiral wound module

Recently, we received an inquiry from Dr. Arcari (Customer Experience Supervisor  Membrane) who is on the lookout for FO elements to complete a 2 -3m3/hour FO pilot unit. If you’re a commercial supplier of FO elements please feel free to get in touch with Dr. Arcari via the comment fields below.

Dear Sir,

We want to assemble a Forward Osmosis pilot unit for our customer of University.

Please confirm us if you can send your best offer proposal for a flat membrane stack and alternatively spiral wound.

The unit will be fed by a treated water passed throw coagulation, microfiltration on capillary membranes or tubular, GAC, cartridges filter 5micrometers and Forwarding Osmosis stack. The feed flow rate will be in the range of 2 or 3 m3/h.

Your quick answer is appreciated.




  1. Dear Dr. Arcari,

    I have with great interest read about your up-coming project. My name is Christian and I am representing Aquaporin A/S, a company working with Forward Osmosis membranes. We have developed a technology based on utilizing the Aquaporin proteins high selectivity and ability to transport water. This technology have made us capable of producing Forward Osmosis membranes with a very high rejection ability.

    Please contact me to learn more.

    Best Regards


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