New information received on Modern Water’s forward osmosis plans


ForwardOsmosisTech corrects its Modern Water & Oasys article published on May 1st 2015 after receiving new information.

Dear readers. On May 1st 2015 we published the article “FO commercialization: Oasys Water speeds ahead while Modern Water repositions” based – in parts – on Modern Water’s 2014 financial report. During the first week of May we received new information from an attendee at Modern Water’s Annual General Meeting, which necessitated a reevaluation of our original take home messages. For your information, the original article has now been updated with our new take on Modern Water’s forward osmosis commercialization plans. In summary:

  • Modern Water remains dedicated to the commercialization of forward osmosis systems through their Membrane Division.
  • Modern Water has taken the strategic decision to reposition their Membrane Division more towards treatment of industrial waste-water.

We greatly appreciate feedback from our readers and hope to hear more from you all in times to come.



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