Suppliers needed for bench scale forward osmosis system

Bench scale forward osmosis system

Who can supply a bench scale forward osmosis system according the specifications below?

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Recently, ForwardOsmosisTech was approached by Peter F. Nasr, a PhD student at the American University of Cairo. Peter is on the lookout for a fully integrated bench scale forward osmosis system (see specifications below) for his studies on generation of irrigation water by fertilizer drawn forward osmosis (FDFO).

Relevant suppliers are free to contact Peter for more details at or via the comment field at the bottom of this page.



Original request from Peter

Dear Sir,
Hope this email finds you well.

I am a member in your forward Osmosis portal. Very interesting.

I am a PhD student at the American University in Cairo and my thesis is about using Forward Osmosis technology to generate water suitable for irrigation (Fertilizer Drawn Forward Osmosis).

We are interested in buying a fully automated system for Forward Osmosis bench scale testing for research purposes. We would like you to help us find a supplier who could give use an offer for the following items:

  1. Two weighing scales (up to 4 kg)
  2. One membrane cell
  3. Two tanks (for Feed solution and Draw solution) (preferably plastic)
  4. Two pumps (maximum flowrate 6.4 LPM)
  5. Temperature control system to be able to adjust water’s temperature during experimentation
  6. Membrane Cell cutter
  7. Tubing to complete the system
  8. Bench platform
  9. PLC system (Data acquisition system measuring pH, EC, pressure, weight, temperature, flowrate… etc over time)

We have contacted Sterlitech Company but we think that their offer is beyond our budget. Do you know another similar company?

Thank you in advance

Regards, Peter


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2 thoughts on “Suppliers needed for bench scale forward osmosis system

  1. Ed Woode says:

    Updates from Twitter on Peter’s request:

    “Many commercial systems are expensive. They are better served making their own from scratch. Much cheaper.” – Jeffrey McCutcheon

    • Peter Nasr says:

      Dear Dr. McCutcheon,
      Thank you for your response.
      I totally agree with you. Yet, the university is asking for a lump-sum counter offer like that we received from Sterlitech to compare prices. I am looking for a company to provide me with such a lump-sum quotation. Do you know one?
      Thank you

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