The difference between a PRO process and the PRO membrane orientation mode

FO mode vs PRO mode
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PRO process vs. PRO membrane orientation mode – a question from one of our readers

FO mode vs PRO mode


Recently, ForwardOsmosisTech received the following email from one our readers:


I’m really confused, and have one question about What is the difference of PRO process and PRO as one mode of membrane orientation in FO process?

What is similar and difference between this two processes as in result they have the same name?

What are they have the same name in forward osmosis technology?

Thanks for your response

One of the goals of ForwardOsmosisTech is to eliminate any confusion regarding the forward osmosis technology, so we are always more than happy to answer any questions from our readers:

PRO is an abbreviation for pressure retarded osmosis and has two meanings in the field of forward osmosis. PRO either refers to the forward osmosis driven process of generating energy from an osmotic pressure difference or to the forward osmosis membrane orientation mode where the active layer faces the draw solution (AL-DS). In the PRO process of generating energy, forward osmosis membranes are orientated with the active layer facing the draw solution, which is why the process and the membrane orientation are referred to with the same abbreviation.

We hope this clears up the confusion and welcome any additional questions @

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