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The time is right for ForwardOsmosisTech to further support commercial FO development

For the past 7 years, ForwardOsmosisTech has been sharing articles about commercial applications and technical developments within the FO field. Lately, several new commercial players have entered the FO Ecosystem and a recent poll among ForwardOsmosisTech’s readers revealed a combined market size expectation of above USD 50 million by ultimo 2021.

Hence, the time is right for ForwardOsmosisTech to take further steps towards supporting overall commercial FO development.

In line with this thinking, we have started the process of making individual listings for all major commercial & academic FO players. The listings will be available through ForwardOsmosisTech’s front page.

Here are a few examples:

What’s next?

In order to speed up the process of getting listed on ForwardOsmosisTech, please feel free to drop us an email at with the following information:

  1. Short introduction to your company / organization.
  2. Short summary of your FO activites.
  3. (Optional): Write-up of your FO activites, developments, and/or solutions, which we will publish and append to your listing.

One step further

We will also be exploring paid listings with the following additional commercial benefits:

  1. Product display (see example here).
  2. Dedicated lead generation form accessible through your listing and the content you post (see example here).
  3. Unlimited access to posting FO-related content (within ForwardOsmosisTech’s guidelines).
  4. Access to business intelligence data in the form of a monthly curated list of relevant companies visiting ForwardOsmosisTech.

Drop us an e-mail at if you’re keen to explore paid listing.

Take care & stay safe!

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