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Forward Water Technologies raises capital to accelerate commercial activities – interview with CEO Howie Honeyman

The Canadian based forward osmosis technology company, Forward Water Technologies, recently announced a $6.8M CAD [...]

Forward Water Technologies grants exclusive IP & innovation rights in India to Goldfinch Engineering Systems

New forward osmosis collaboration in India aims at providing solutions to complex industrial waste-water challenges [...]


Listing of major commercial & academic FO players on ForwardOsmosisTech

The time is right for ForwardOsmosisTech to further support commercial FO development For the past [...]

Update: Forward Water Technologies’ industrial scale pilot plant is demonstrating low energy ZLD

Back in August 2019, Forward Water Technologies reported that they had moved into industrial scale [...]

Forward Water Technologies’ thermolytic FO draw solution moves into industrial scale piloting

According to a recent article published by Chemical Institute of Canada, forward osmosis draw solution [...]

An overview of leading commercial and academic FO players

The Forward Osmosis Ecosystem As part of ForwardOsmosisTech’s promotion of widespread commercial forward osmosis adoption, [...]