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Forward osmosis is not dead – interview with leading water consultant Walid Khoury

Sharing my views on forward osmosis Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing my views [...]

Listing of major commercial & academic FO players on ForwardOsmosisTech

The time is right for ForwardOsmosisTech to further support commercial FO development For the past [...]

0.26MGD FO-SWRO Hybrid for seawater desalination achieves 25% energy reduction compared to MF/SWRO

The Korean Forward and Reverse Osmosis Hybrid Desalination Research Center (FOHC) and Hyorim Industries launch [...]

NF-type FO membranes can potentially improve the commercial relevance of FO-based water treatment

Could an FO membrane be designed to extract both water and selected solutes from wastewater [...]

An overview of leading commercial and academic FO players

The Forward Osmosis Ecosystem As part of ForwardOsmosisTech’s promotion of widespread commercial forward osmosis adoption, [...]

Entering the slope of enlightenment – FO as a means of continuously removing ethanol from fermentation liquids

The forward osmosis membrane hype Jeffrey R. McCutcheon recently published the article “Avoiding the Hype [...]

Input needed for desk-top study on 6 GL/year FO desalination plant

Engineering students looking for information to help design a full-scale FO-based desalination plant using ammonium [...]

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New FO pilot project between Darco and Aquaporin aims to treat wastewater from semi-conductor industries

Aquaporin and Darco see potential for FO in treatment of industrial wastewater from semi-conductor industries [...]

According to Osmosis Energy UK, Pressure Retarded Osmosis using hollow fibers is now a viable means of energy production

UK-based company Osmosis Energy UK reports on recent commercial progress within the field of Pressure [...]

S-parameter calculations yield negative values – what to do?

What to do when structural parameter equations yield negative S-values? We recently received this question [...]