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Could osmotic dehydration bring forward osmosis into B2C market segments?

Osmotic dehumidification utilizes capillary condensation & forward osmosis as an alternative to traditional air drying [...]

Water filtration by forward and reverse osmosis explained in 4 paragraphs

The shortest possible explanation of water filtration, forward osmosis, and reverse osmosis – here’s our [...]


BBC Horizons: forward osmosis for industrial wastewater treatment

The concept of using forward osmosis for industrial wastewater treatment was recently covered in a [...]

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Is MLD the new ZLD for forward osmosis technologies?

Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) processes can achieve up to 95% water recovery at half the [...]

Ed Woode must die

So, who’s behind the alias Ed Woode? Since transparency will be one of ForwardOsmosisTech’s core [...]

The future strategy of ForwardOsmosisTech

Current status and future ambitions & goals for ForwardOsmosistech Any good strategy starts with a [...]

How can we promote FO commercialization?

How can experts and commercial players within the FO field collaborate to promote the commercialization [...]

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New calculator for estimating structural parameters (S-values)

The structural parameter (S-value) of a forward osmosis membrane determines how severely the membrane is [...]

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ForwardOsmosisTech’s guide to measuring FO membrane performance

ForwardOsmosisTech has made an extensive guide on how to determine FO membrane performance in a [...]

The difference between a PRO process and the PRO membrane orientation mode

PRO process vs. PRO membrane orientation mode – a question from one of our readers [...]

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