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strategy for forwardosmosistech
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Current status and future ambitions & goals for ForwardOsmosistech

Any good strategy starts with a description of the current state and the desired end state – the strategy itself is then the tangible plan on how to transition from the current state to the desired end state.

So where is ForwardOsmosisTech now?

Today, ForwardOsmosisTech is the go-to portal for general information on forward osmosis membranes, systems, technologies, and applications. And with our recent e-book project successfully completed, we have made a comprehensive forward osmosis guide freely available for anyone interested in learning more.

And were do we want to be?

In the article “How can we promote forward osmosis commercialization” we made the point that open innovation can shorten the duration of the introductory stage for players in the FO field as well help to reduce costs of things like R&D, field testing, and marketing.

Moving forward, the vision for ForwardOsmosisTech is:

To become the leading independent branch specific portal in the FO field with a clear commercial  & application driven focus and a strong passion for promoting and facilitating open innovation, collaborations, partnerships and co-developments.

How do we plan on getting from A to B?

Until now, ForwardOsmosisTech has been a spare-time project written under the alias Ed Woode. However, in order to become the leading branch specific portal in the FO field, commercial & application related input from experts within the field is needed.

ForwardOsmosisTech plans to attract external input by putting together an expert panel of FO enthusiasts all sharing a well-grounded understanding of FO technologies as well as a common interest and passion for promoting FO commercialization.

ForwardOsmosisTech will proudly be revealing it’s first 4 panel members within the very near future.

Together with the expert panel, ForwardOsmosisTech will also be introducing and implementing a code of conduct to facilitate knowledge transfer and contribute to open innovation in general:

ForwardOsmosisTech’s code of conduct:

  • ForwardOsmosisTech is an independent site in the sense that all industries and players in the FO field are welcome to submit contributions, provided that the content fulfills the following criteria:
    • Does not contain direct marketing and sales related material such as datasheets, price lists, technical specifications, links to promotional content, etc.
    • Must be related to industrial applications of forward osmosis technologies with commercial relevance.
  • ForwardOsmosisTech is a transparent site in the sense that any commercial leads generated through the exchange of information and ideas in articles or comment fields are free for everyone to use.



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