Ed Woode must die

Ed Woode must die
Mark Perry
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So, who’s behind the alias Ed Woode?

Since transparency will be one of ForwardOsmosisTech’s core values moving forward, it’s time to reveal who’s actually the site creator and facilitator.

I, Mark Perry, have been running ForwardOsmosisTech as a spare-time project under the alias Ed Woode. Due to my position as Chief Operating Officer in Aquaporin Asia Pte Ltd – a subsidiary under the Aquaporin Group, which specializes in biomimetic forward and reverse osmosis membrane development and commercialization – it was natural to write under an alias so as to not cause any unnecessary confusion.

However, through dialogue with colleagues and friends in the FO field, I recently came to the conclusion that, in order to realize the full potential of ForwardOsmosisTech as the leading independent – and transparent – branch specific FO portal, it was necessary for me to step forward.

I happy to say that reactions to Ed Woode’s demise have been overwhelmingly positive and I look forward to see what the future will bring for ForwardOsmosisTech in terms of contributing to FO commercialization.

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