The International Forward Osmosis Association

IFOA seeks to increase the speed of forward osmosis technology commercialization

Today, the International Forward Osmosis Association website was launched together with an open invitation to all members to join the IFOA world summit 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal on the 18th to 19th of September. IFOA aims to speed-up commercial developments for forward osmosis technologies  by promoting a unified voice between forward osmosis experts & technology providers and the general public. IFOA is a collaborative effort between 4 of the main commercial players in the FO industry, namely Modern Water, Hydration Technology Innovations, Porifera, and Trevi Systems. Membership costs range from 1000 USD/year for companies, 300 USD/year for individuals, and 50 USD/year for students.

We at ForwardOsmosisTech are especially exited about the Internatial Forward Osmosis Association’s goal to establish and promote a common set of performance standards, specifications, and terminology for forward osmosis technologies. If successful, this initiative will – without a doubt – improve commercialization opportunities for all forward osmosis technology providers.

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