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0.26MGD FO-SWRO Hybrid for seawater desalination achieves 25% energy reduction compared to MF/SWRO

The Korean Forward and Reverse Osmosis Hybrid Desalination Research Center (FOHC) and Hyorim Industries launch [...]

Improved Resource Recovery from Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Processes Using Novel Forward Osmosis (FO) Membranes

ForwardOsmosisTech featured in Smart Water & Waste World’s August 2019 issue The latest issue of [...]

Forward Water Technologies’ thermolytic FO draw solution moves into industrial scale piloting

According to a recent article published by Chemical Institute of Canada, forward osmosis draw solution [...]

NF-type FO membranes can potentially improve the commercial relevance of FO-based water treatment

Could an FO membrane be designed to extract both water and selected solutes from wastewater [...]

Entering the slope of enlightenment – FO as a means of continuously removing ethanol from fermentation liquids

The forward osmosis membrane hype Jeffrey R. McCutcheon recently published the article “Avoiding the Hype [...]

Is forward osmosis a viable option for treating biomethanated spent wash from distilleries?

Volume reduction of biomethanated spent wash from distilleries We recently received a request from Srivathsan, [...]


Business case: decentralized concentration of milk using forward osmosis?

Fonterra spends a lot of energy and money in New Zealand to concentrate milk through [...]


Strong demand for forward osmosis solutions in India sees new strategic partnership

Industrial forward osmosis solutions provider, FTSH2O – Fluid Technology Solutions, recently announced a new strategic [...]

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Draw solutions and their recovery methods for dairy and food industries – a brief overview

Introduction Currently, Forward Osmosis (FO) is well suited for applications in which water needs to [...]

Q & A with FO system supplier – Darco Water Technologies

During 2018 an increasing number of commercial players have entered the FO market. According to [...]