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Forward osmosis draw solutions and draw solution recovery methods

Draw solutions and draw solution recovery methods are key to unlocking the business potential of [...]

Input needed for desk-top study on 6 GL/year FO desalination plant

Engineering students looking for information to help design a full-scale FO-based desalination plant using ammonium [...]

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The future of forward osmosis commercialization

Short Introduction to the author Zoheir Dabaghian earned his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering in [...]


Compact forward osmosis membrane elements are ideal for piloting studies in industrial applications

When piloting FO membrane elements, high packing density, light-weight, ease-of-use, and flexibility are key advantages [...]

The addressable FO market ranges from $300million to $6billion in 2017

According to a new article on WaterWorld, forward osmosis is gaining traction within product concentration, [...]

New forward osmosis hollow fiber element bridges the gap between lab-scale testing and industrial applications

Forward osmosis is one of many new water technologies addressing the growing need for sustainable [...]

New FO pilot project between Darco and Aquaporin aims to treat wastewater from semi-conductor industries

Aquaporin and Darco see potential for FO in treatment of industrial wastewater from semi-conductor industries [...]

According to Osmosis Energy UK, Pressure Retarded Osmosis using hollow fibers is now a viable means of energy production

UK-based company Osmosis Energy UK reports on recent commercial progress within the field of Pressure [...]

Inquiry: FO membrane elements for pilot unit with 2 to 3 m3/h feed flow

Recently, we received an inquiry from Dr. Arcari (Customer Experience Supervisor  Membrane) who is on [...]

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Could osmotic dehydration bring forward osmosis into B2C market segments?

Osmotic dehumidification utilizes capillary condensation & forward osmosis as an alternative to traditional air drying [...]