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Treatment of produced water: potential application of forward osmosis

Produced water represents an ever increasing wastewater challenge Produced water (PW) – co-produced during oil [...]

Investigating Fertilizer Drawn Forward Osmosis Process for Groundwater Desalination for Irrigation in Egypt

FDFO for groundwater desalination Groundwater desalination could be a possible solution to Egypt’s scarcity problem [...]

BBC Horizons: forward osmosis for industrial wastewater treatment

The concept of using forward osmosis for industrial wastewater treatment was recently covered in a [...]

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Is MLD the new ZLD for forward osmosis technologies?

Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) processes can achieve up to 95% water recovery at half the [...]

Perspectives on Commercialization of Forward Osmosis Technologies

The “low-energy technology” brand of forward osmosis Forward osmosis emerges with a brand of “low-energy [...]

How can we promote FO commercialization?

How can experts and commercial players within the FO field collaborate to promote the commercialization [...]

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Growing interest: forward osmosis in Zero Liquid Discharge systems

The use of Forward Osmosis Technologies in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems and application is [...]

Integrating forward osmosis in thermal desalination processes

Forward osmosis can reduce scaling and increase top brine temperature in thermal desalination (Multi-stage flash [...]

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Inquiry: forward osmosis elements needed for an FO/RO wastewater pilot plant

Commercial suppliers needed to provide FO modules for an FO pilot system Recently we received [...]


Inquiry: draw and feed circulation paths in FO modules

How do draw and feed streams circulate in an FO module? Most of us who [...]