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New information received on Modern Water’s forward osmosis plans

ForwardOsmosisTech corrects its Modern Water & Oasys article published on May 1st 2015 after receiving [...]

FO commercialization: Oasys Water speeds ahead while Modern Water repositions

Oasys Water to double revenue in 2015 – from 10 to 20 million USD In [...]

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Consulting on forward osmosis membranes, systems, and applications

Do you have questions regarding forward osmosis membranes, systems, and applications? We’re happy to announce [...]

IDA forward osmosis webinar with focus on Oasys Water

Dr. Nathan Hancock, senior director of R&D for Oasys Water, shares his thoughts on forward [...]


The International Forward Osmosis Association (IFOA) has been launched

IFOA seeks to increase the speed of forward osmosis technology commercialization Today, the International Forward [...]

Desert restoration through forward osmosis processes by Duan et. al. 2014

Harnessing forward osmosis processes for desert restoration and desertification reversal In their article “Evaluation of [...]


Statkraft discontinues investments in pressure retarded osmosis

Statkraft bids farewell to ambitious osmotic power project Statkraft is Europe’s largest supplier of renewable [...]