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Investigating Fertilizer Drawn Forward Osmosis Process for Groundwater Desalination for Irrigation in Egypt

FDFO for groundwater desalination Groundwater desalination could be a possible solution to Egypt’s scarcity problem [...]

Integrating forward osmosis in thermal desalination processes

Forward osmosis can reduce scaling and increase top brine temperature in thermal desalination (Multi-stage flash [...]

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Inquiry: forward osmosis elements needed for an FO/RO wastewater pilot plant

Commercial suppliers needed to provide FO modules for an FO pilot system Recently we received [...]


Inquiry: draw and feed circulation paths in FO modules

How do draw and feed streams circulate in an FO module? Most of us who [...]

Inquiry about commercially available PRO membranes

Sourcing of commercially available Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) membranes for research purposes? Recently, we received [...]


Forward osmosis market survey: preliminary results

Initial poll results show a strong demand for bench and pilot scale forward osmosis systems. [...]

New calculator for estimating structural parameters (S-values)

The structural parameter (S-value) of a forward osmosis membrane determines how severely the membrane is [...]

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ForwardOsmosisTech’s guide to measuring FO membrane performance

ForwardOsmosisTech has made an extensive guide on how to determine FO membrane performance in a [...]

Modern Water’s Membrane Division not out of the woods yet

Modern Water’s latest interim financial statement show an operating loss of 762.000 £ for the [...]

Suppliers needed for bench scale forward osmosis system

Who can supply a bench scale forward osmosis system according the specifications below? Recently, ForwardOsmosisTech [...]