Why McCutcheon et. al. 2006 is a must read within the field of forward osmosis R&D

concentration polarization effects in forward osmosis membranesIn their article “Influence of concentrative and dilutive internal concentration polarization on flux behaviour in forward osmosis” from 2006, McCutcheon and Elimelech present a clear and comprehensive theoretical overview of how external and internal concentration polarization phenomena reduce the water flux performance in forward osmosis processes. The theory is confirmed and exemplified through extensive forward osmosis testing of a commercially available cellulose triacetate membrane from Hydration Technology Innovations.

Since publishing, McCutcheon et. al. 2006 has been cited 254 times (according to Google Scholar, February 2014) making it one of the most frequently cited articles in the field of forward osmosis membrane R&D.

We regard McCutcheon et. al. 2006 as a must read for anyone wanting to understand forward osmosis membrane performance reductions under different feed and draw conditions. If you fall into this category – and don’t have access to the article – we recommend reading our article on forward osmosis concentration polarization, which summarizes the most important take home messages from McCutcheon and Elimelech’s work.



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